Start using Upsolver for free

This page provides a short guide on signing up for a free account through the Upsolver website.

Upsolver Community is fully resourced; you are not required to supply any compute or storage resources.

You can also use Upsolver through AWS Marketplace. All of the options will allow you to ingest data to Amazon S3, perform transformations with simple SQL, and output to your favorite database or analytics tools—in minutes.

Upsolver Community sandbox

1. Go to

2. Enter your contact details and click Sign Up. An email message will be sent to the email account specified for verification.

3. Choose Sandbox option on the welcome page.

4. Follow the 5 minute tutorial for an end-to-end quick tour of Upsolver

Use Upsolver for free

1. Go to

2. Choose AWS or Azure (this example uses AWS)

3. You may choose between Deploy to My AWS Account which deploys Upsolver in your own VPC or Multi-Tenant Deployment - Upsolver hosts and manages the compute. Click here for more information. If you don't have administrative access, click on SEND THIS PAGE. Make sure you allow appropriate access to your AWS account and click CONTINUE.

5. In the AWS CloudFormation page, check the I acknowledge statement and click Create Stack.

7. Once the stack is successfully created (this will take a couple of minutes; you will see that the status of your stack says CREATE_COMPLETE once it is finished), the Integration Completed message appears in Upsolver.

8. It will take a few moments for Upsolver to deploy the cluster to your VPC.

9. Once you see the screen below, the deployment is complete. Happy Upsolving!

Send this page


2. (Optional) Add any S3 Buckets Containing Your Data and Kinesis Streams Containing Your Data.

3. Click Generate Link.

4. Click Copy and then send the link to the relevant team member. This link can be pasted into the browser and used to create the required CloudFormation stack.

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