API Playground

This article provides an overview of how to use the API Playground in Upsolver.

You can use the API Playground as a sandbox to test the API against this lookup table. This tab is only available when the lookup table is Running.

Test the lookup table API

1. From the Lookup Tables page, click on the desired lookup table.

2. Go to the API Playground tab.

3. Select the API alias. By default, this option is set to Use original API token, but you can also select or create a new alias. See: API Reference

4. The lookup table endpoint is displayed under Indexer Endpoint; it includes the apitoken in the query string. You can copy the endpoint.

5. (Optional) Specify a request time range.

6. Select the key column values. You can remove and add key column item values. These values are automatically added to the query string of the Request URL.

4. Click Send. The Response will appear with an indication of the Processing Time. You can also copy the response.

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