Output all data source fields to Amazon Athena

This guide provides instructions on how to write all fields to an Athena output by using SELECT *


Sometimes it is necessary to read a large number of fields from a data source and write these fields to Athena without any transformations.

This feature works well with a CDC data source.

Create Amazon Athena output

1. Create an Athena output by clicking on OUTPUTS > NEW > SELECT Amazon Athena

2. Choose Hierarchical and click on NEXT.

3. Navigate to the SQL mode screen by clicking on SQL on the upper right corner.

SELECT all fields from data source

Add data.* as * to your SELECT statement.

Run the output

1. Click on RUN on the upper right corner

2. Enter the Athena information and click on NEXT

3. Choose your time range for your data. Never means a continuous stream. Click on DEPLOY.

Verify data in Amazon Athena

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