Amazon S3 connection
This article provides a guide on how to create an Amazon S3 connection in Upsolver.

Create an Amazon S3 connection

1. Select your credentials:
    Role Based
      ARN Role: The identifier for the IAM role itself. See: IAM Identifiers
      External ID (optional): This is useful when you need to grant third-party access to your AWS resources.
2. Enter the name of your AWS S3 bucket.
3. (Optional) Enter in the path to your bucket.
Check Read Only for the connection to be read only; Upsolver will not be able to write data to or delete data from the bucket.
4. Name this connection (defaults to bucket name).
5. Select the Server Side Encryption Key:
    Default Encryption Key
    AWS Managed Key
    Customer Managed Key
6. Click Create.
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