Adding lookups from reference data

This article provides a guide on how to add lookups to lookup tables (or outputs) from reference data.

2. Under the Reference Data tab, select a source for your lookup (or create a new one).

3. Click Next.

4. Under Key Fields, select the fields to use as key columns and map it to a field in your output.

5. (Optional) Select the value fields.

6. Under Refresh Interval Seconds, input the number of seconds between attempts to refresh the reference data file.

7. Select where to locate the calculated field (e.g. root, data) and name this field. This operation joins the input arrays using a cartesian product.

The fields are typically added at the root level, however on occasion you can opt to co‑locate a field with another element in the hierarchy.

8. Click Preview to review your calculated field before saving; a Field Content Samples panel will appear on the right.

9. To add columns to the preview, click Choose Columns and select the desired columns. Then click Update.

10. Click Save.

You can now find this lookup under Lookups in the sidebar or under the Calculated Fields tab.

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