Set Up and Deploy Azure Resources

After logging into Azure, for the first time, Azure's Home window will open. Ignore it. Instead, go to Upsolver's Integrate Upsolver with Microsoft Azure window and click the template 1 link. This opens Azure's Custom deployment dialog.

In the Custom deployment dialog, click Create New, give your Resource Group a name. Then click the OK button.

Note the 5 tabs just below the page title: Basics, Virtual Network, Storage Settings, Tags, and Review + create Toggle through each of these dialogs and fill in the needed fields.

Virtual Network fields will fill in automatically with information previously provided by your Azure administrator.

In the Storage Settings dialog, click Create New and give your Storage Account a name.

Skip the Tags dialog and review your settings in Review + Create. If all is well, and the validation passed, click the Create button at the bottom of the dialog.

Resource Group deployment takes several minutes. You can follow its progress in the pop-up Deployment window:

When the deployment has completed successfully you will get the following message:

If you click the Go to resource group button, you will see a Resource Group window.

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