This page links to the different kinds of connections that can be made in Upsolver.
A prerequisite for defining a cloud storage data source is providing Upsolver with the appropriate credentials for reading from your cloud storage by creating the required connection.
Navigate to the Connections page by clicking More > Connections.

Adding connections

From the Connections page, add the connections of your choice by clicking New Connection and selecting the connection type.
The use of static IAM credentials for cross-account access is deprecated, and Upsolver recommends that you use an IAM role instead.
For more details, refer to the relevant data source or output below:

Managing connections

On the Connections page, you will find all of your connections sorted by type.
Within each category, you will see connections listed sorted by their name with their corresponding connection string displayed underneath.
To the side of each connection, you will find a string of icons:
check icon
Connection is working correctly.
warning icon
Error in connection.
copy icon
Click to copy the connection ID.
information icon
Click to view where the connection is being used.
trash icon
If connection is not in use, this icon appears.
Click to delete this connection.
pencil icon
Click to edit the connection details.