Elastic IPs limit reached

Before deploying a cluster to your Private VPC, Upsolver allocates Elastic IP addresses to make sure that servers are discoverable.

For API and query clusters:

Elastic IP addresses are mandatory.

For compute clusters:

Elastic IP addresses are optional and can be edited from the UI.

To edit, select the compute cluster in question:

  1. Click the vertical dots next to the Stop button.

  2. Click Edit and clear the Elastic IPs checkbox.

Note: when the Elastic IPs option is not selected, external resources (e.g., Redshift or Elasticsearch) will not be able to recognize the compute cluster servers by their IP addresses.

For compute or query clusters with Auto Scaling turned on:

Upsolver allocates Elastic IP addresses for a cluster according the maximum number of servers.

For compute clusters with additional processing units for replay:

Upsolver also allocates Elastic IP addresses for those processing units.

AWS Elastic IP limit:

The number of Elastic IPs that an account in AWS can allocate is limited per region.

You can raise the limit of Elastic IPs by sending a request to Amazon Web Services via this form.

In the Limit type, select Elastic IPs and select the relevant region.

If Upsolver is unable to allocate Elastic IPs because the limit is exceeded, a notification will pop up containing a link to this page.

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