Get started as a Upsolver user

This article introduces Upsolver's functions and capabilities and redirects to pages that will help you get started in using Upsolver.

Getting started

What is Upsolver?

Upsolver is a visual, SQL-based ETL service that makes it easy to combine streaming and big historical data for analytics and Machine Learning (ML).

Upsolver cuts 95% of the data lake ETL effort and improves the performance of services like AWS Athena by 100x.

What does Upsolver do?

Upsolver ingests data from data streams and lakes, performs fully stateful transformations that were defined using SQL/UI, and delivers the data to Athena, Redshift, ElasticSearch, RDS, and so on.

Upsolver enables you to build streaming ETL pipelines with a visual UI and SQL—no data engineering is required. This is a fully managed service that can be deployed on any cloud account. Upsolver scales from GBs to PBs by decoupling storage from compute.

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Use cases:

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