Microsoft SQL Server connection

This article provides a guide on how to create a Microsoft SQL Server connection in Upsolver.

Create a Microsoft SQL Server connection

1. Enter the connection string in the following format: jdbc:sqlserver://HOST:PORT;Database=DB_NAME where:

  • HOST = host name (e.g. database instance endpoint in AWS RDS)

  • PORT = port number

  • DB_NAME = database name

2. Enter your SQL Server database username.

3. (Optional) Enter the corresponding password.

4. Name this connection.

5. (Optional) Enter in the number of concurrent connections.

If you have trouble connecting, it may be a network and security issue. To fix this in AWS RDS, you can:

  1. make your instance publicly accessible under the Properties tab

  2. reconfigure the inbound rules for your instance's VPC security group (allow all traffic from all sources)

For a more secure option, you can also choose to implement VPC peering.

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