This page outlines how to monitor your credits in Upsolver.

The Credits page (found under More > Credits) enables you to view:



Remaining Credits

The number of remaining credits.

Average Used Last Week

The average credits used per hour over the last week.

Total Used Last Week

The total number of credits used in the last week.

Total Used

The total number of credits used.

The various tabs show you:

The Credit Usage By Cluster graph enables you to see the number of credits used over the selected period of time (Last Day, Last Week, Last Month, or Last 3 Months).

To view details for a specific month, download a report. You can also mouse over the graph to see more details.

Purchase credits

1. On the Credits page, click Purchase Credits.

2. Please file a ticket via Upsolver Support Protal.

Download a credits report

You can download a CSV report of the credits used (and remaining) during any month prior to the current month.

1. In the Usage tab, click Download Report.

2. Select the year and month.

3. Click Download.

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