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This page provides an overview of clusters in Upsolver.

Cluster types

Local API
Used for computing for data sources and outputs. See: Compute cluster
Used for querying lookup tables externally in real time (from external code). See: Query cluster
Used for integration with the Upsolver API. See: Local API cluster

Viewing clusters

The Clusters page shows you all your clusters in a grid view.
They can be filtered by the type of cluster (e.g. select Compute to only view compute clusters) or by the name through search.
The cluster panel shows:
  • name of the cluster
  • when it was created
  • percentage of utilization
  • how many processing units it uses
  • whether it is running
You can click on a specific cluster to view more details:
Within a specific cluster, you also have the option to:
  • stop — stops the cluster from running.
  • edit — reconfigure cluster options.
  • roll — restarts the cluster.