OneLogin with SAML sign-on

This procedure describes how to configure onelogin with SAML sign-on.

Configure OneLogin with SAML sign-on:

1. In OneLogin, in the Administration console, select Applications > Applications.

2. Click Add App.

3. Search for the OneLogin SAML Test app.

4. Using this as a base, in the Display Name field, enter Upsolver.

5. Click Save.

6. Copy the information from Upsolver into the following fields:

  • Single Sign on URL — copy from the Single Sign On URL in Upsolver.

  • SAML Audience — copy from the Audience URI in Upsolver.

The Single Sign On URL and the Audience URI can both be found by navigating to the SAML Integration page (More > SAML).

7. Select the Parameters tab.

8. Click the plus icon + to add each of the following parameters:

Field name





First Name


Last Name


Multi-value parameter

For each of the above parameters, select Include in SAML Assertion then click Save.

9. From the Default if no value selected dropdown, select MemberOf and Semicolon Delimited input (Multi-value output).

10. Click Save.

11. In the Parameters tab, click Save.

12. Select the SSO tab.

13. In Upsolver, click Edit Integration and copy the information from the SSO tab in OneLogin into the following fields:

  • Single Sign On URL — copy from the SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP) field in OneLogin.

  • Identity Provider Issuer — copy from the Issuer URL field in OneLogin.

  • X 509 Certificate — copy from the X.509 Certificate field in OneLogin.

14. In OneLogin, in the SSO tab, click Save.

15. Select Users. Under the Applications tab, ensure that the Upsolver application appears for your user.

16. Test access to Upsolver.

17. Complete the procedure as described above.

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