File upload data source

This article provides an introduction to how Upsolver works with file uploads along with a guide on how to upload files as a data source in Upsolver.

How Upsolver works with file upload

Upsolver supports uploading files, which is useful for an end-to-end, one-off data outsource test.

The uploaded files are not linked to the source files. To work with linked data, use reference data.

If a file is compressed, Upsolver will automatically detect the compression type.

Supported compression types are: Zip, GZip, Snappy, and None. Upsolver supports ZIP files that contain files of the same type.

Note: There is a file upload limit of 100mb (per file).

The schema will be auto-detected for self-describing formats like JSON; you will be prompted to add header information for other formats.

For x-www-form-urlencoded content, the body should contain the message itself, which should not be url-encoded.

Create a file upload data source

1. From the Data Sources page, click New.

2. Select File Upload.

3. Drag and drop the files onto the page or click Browse to select the required files.

4. Name this data source (defaults to the file name).

5. Select the content format. This is typically auto-detected, but you can manually select a format.

If necessary, configure the content format options. See: Data formats

6. Click Continue to preview your data and review the following metrics:

  • Sample Size

  • Parsed Successfully

  • # of Errors

7. (Optional) If there are any errors, click Back to change the settings as required.

8. Click Create.

You can now use your uploaded data source.

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