Azure Event Hubs data source

This article describes how to connect Upsolver to Azure Event Hubs source.

What is Azure Event Hubs?

Event Hubs is a fully managed, real-time data ingestion service that’s simple, trusted, and scalable. Stream millions of events per second from any source to build dynamic data pipelines and immediately respond to business challenges.Before creating a data source, you must have a working Event Hub. Follow instructions here if you haven't created an Event Hub.

1. Click on DATA SOURCES > NEW and find Azure Event Hubs > SELECT

2. Fill out the required information and click on Create your first Azure Event Hub Connection

3. Fill out the required information to connect to your Azure Event Hub and click on CREATE.

Note: use the Connection string-primary key as the CONNECTION STRING

4. Fill out the form accordingly with the connection from the last step selected and click on CONTINUE.

5. Check the Parsed Data Sample. If everything looks correct, click on CREATE.

6. You should see the data source page. Congratulations! You're ready to create a data output.

If you experience any issues connecting to your Event Hub, please file open a case.

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