Setup Google Analytics client ID and client secret.

  1. On the Google API Console (, choose Library.

  2. Enter analytics in the search field.

  3. Choose Google Analytics API.

  4. Choose ENABLE and return to the previous page.

  5. Choose Google Analytics Reporting API listed in the search results.

  6. Choose ENABLE and return to the main page.

  7. Choose OAuth consent screen.

  8. Create a new Internal app (if you’re using your personal account, choose External).

  9. Choose Add scope.

  10. Add ../auth/analytics.readonly as Scopes for Google APIs.

  11. Choose Save.

  12. Choose Credentials.

  13. Add OAuth client ID credentials.

  14. Choose Web application.

  15. Enter as an authorized JavaScript origins URL.

  16. Enter as an authorized redirect URL. (Replace AWSREGION with the Region you’re working in. If you’re using Amazon AppFlow in us-east-1, enter

  17. Choose Save.

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