This article provides an introduction to PrestoDB along with a guide on creating an PrestoDB output using Upsolver.

What is PrestoDB?

Presto is an open source distributed SQL query engine for running interactive analytic queries against data sources of all sizes ranging from gigabytes to petabytes.


You must have Glue Catalog integrated with PrestoDB.

Create a new data output

1. Create a new data output by clicking on Output and New Output.

2. Select PrestoDB as your output type.

3. Provide a name for the data output. In this case, we will use the name prestodbtest. Make sure it’s mapped to an existing data source; then click Next.

Add the following columns:

  • aged_70_older

  • continent

  • date

  • new_cases

  • population

There are many powerful capabilities available such as aggregations, filters, calculations, lookup tables for joining, and more. These features will be covered on a later guide.

5. Click Preview to check that the output data is as expected, then click Run.

6. Make sure an existing PrestoDB database is available for the output. If not, create a new database.

7. If you have not configured a glue catalog connection, create a glue catalog connection by clicking on Create your first Glue Data Catalog Connection

8. Fill out the PrestoDB database and table information for output then click Next.

9. Choose the time period for the data that you want to load then click Deploy.

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