Cluster tasks
This article provides an overview of the information displayed in the tasks tab for clusters.
The Tasks tab shows you the tasks running on the cluster; these may be tasks for data sources, outputs, lookup tables, or dashboards running on the cluster.
Each task panel shows:
    name of the task
    when it was created
    whether it is running
For different types of tasks, additional pieces of information will be displayed:

Lookup table tasks

    number of rows
    amount of RAM and storage used
    graph showing average queries per minute and average misses per minute based on the past 10 minutes

Data source tasks

    cluster name
    number of fields
    total number of events loaded
    total number of errors
    rate of events
    graph showing volume of events over time
      mouse over graph to view the details for a specific time period

Output tasks

    output name
    number of events
    number of failures
    graph showing events over time
You can click on a specific task to view more details.
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