Lookup table alias

This article provides an overview of lookup table aliases and provides a guide on how to create, edit, and delete an alias.

What is a lookup table alias?

A lookup table alias includes a custom token (either entered manually or system generated) that is used by the API as an identifier.

This can be useful in cases when you want to test various lookup tables before selecting one for production.

Once you finalize the lookup table required, you can edit the lookup table alias to use the required lookup table. The custom token remains unchanged, and the solution using the API does not need to be updated.

To view your lookup table aliases, click More > Aliases.

On this page, you will find a list of:

  • Attached Aliases: The aliases that are linked to lookup tables.

  • Unattached Aliases: The aliases that are not linked to lookup tables.

From this page, you can also:

Create a lookup table alias

1. From the Aliases page, click New.

2. Name your lookup table alias.

3. (Optional) Enter a description of your alias.

4. (Optional) Enter in the unique API token as the custom token.

Leave the Custom Token field empty to use a system-generated token.

5. (Optional) Select a lookup table to link to the alias.

6. Click Save.

Edit a lookup table alias

You can edit a lookup table alias, but you cannot modify the custom token.

2. Edit the desired alias details:

  • Name: The lookup table alias name.

  • Description (optional): A description of the lookup table alias.

  • Select Lookup Table (optional): The lookup table to link to the alias.

3. Click Save.

Delete a lookup table alias

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