Spotinst Private VPC connection

This article provides a guide on how to create a Spotinst Private VPC connection in Upsolver.

Create a new Spotinst Private VPC connection

1. Name this connection.

2. Under subnet CIDR, enter in the range of IPv4 addresses for your VPC in CIDR block format. Leave the default range if you don't need to peer the VPC.

3. Select your AWS region.

4. Enter in your Spotinst token.

5. Enter in your Spotinst account ID.

6. Click Show Advanced to edit the following options:

Enter a comma-separated list of CIDR blocks that will be configured for ingress traffic in the VPC.

By default, this field contains (meaning that all the machines inside the VPC have access) and your current IP address. You should add your office IP and any other IP you would like to be able to use Upsolver from.

7. Click Launch Integration; you will be directed to a CloudFormation stack page to create the necessary resources.

8. At the bottom of the page, check the I acknowledge statement and then click Create stack.

9. Wait for the stack creation status to change from CREATE_IN_PROGRESS to CREATE_COMPLETE.

10. Return to the Upsolver tab and wait for the integration window to indicate that the integration is complete (The Relaunch Integration button will change to Done).

11. Click Done.

You have now created a private VPC connection in Upsolver.

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