SQL syntax to drop a job in Upsolver.

DROP JOB [ IF EXISTS ] <job_name>;


(Optional) To prevent the Upsolver query engine from returning an error if the job does not exist, include IF EXISTS in your DROP statement; instead, you will see the message Operation resulted in no change.

Dropping a replication job that has sub-jobs

You cannot delete individual sub-jobs, instead, you use the DROP JOB command to drop the master job and all sub-jobs.


The following example runs a DROP statement with IF EXISTS to drop the job, ingest_sales_data. By including IF EXISTS, an error is not encountered if the job does not exist. Otherwise, if the job exists, it will be dropped from the organization:

DROP JOB IF EXISTS "ingest_sales_data";

Drop a job using the UI

You can also drop a job from the Jobs page in the UI. Hover over the three-dots menu on the job you want to drop, and select Drop Job:

You will then be presented with a modal window asking you to confirm if you want to drop the job and all associated metadata and logs. The window also presents you with the SQL syntax for dropping the job, should you wish to copy and paste this into a worksheet to run the statement manually.

Click Drop Job to continue, and the job status will refresh and display Deleting. Alternatively, click Cancel to exit without dropping the job.

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