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Upsolver is the self-serve cloud data ingestion service for high-scale workloads such as big data, streaming, and AI. Our unique approach offers you no-code and low-code options to easily create pipelines for high-scale data movement in minutes. Upsolver makes working with data easier by automatically mapping columns and data types between sources and targets, evolving the schema in pace with data even for nested data structures, and parsing and flattening JSON structs and arrays.

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Deliver data generated by your prod environment to downstream users at scale.

💡 What Can Upsolver Do for Me?

  • Easy ingest to Snowflake: use no-code or low-code options to build ingestion pipelines in three steps

  • Failsafe exactly once delivery: up-to-the-minute freshness without lost, duplicated, or out-of-order data

  • Automatic schema evolution: automatically map source fields to targets despite column type and naming conflicts

  • Built-in data quality and observability: detect and fix data drift quickly and retroactively

  • Support for mainstream data platforms: Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Redshift, Amazon S3, Apache Iceberg, Apache Kafka, data lake, ClickHouse, Confluent Kafka, Elasticsearch, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Snowflake, and Tabular

Support for Apache Iceberg

  • Ingest high-scale data to Iceberg: Our zero-ETL solution ingests your streaming, database, and file data into Apache Iceberg and includes hands-off table management and optimization so you don't need to worry about administering your tables.

  • Save money on storage and increase query performance: if you have an existing lakehouse, use our Iceberg Table Optimizer to discover tables that need compaction. Then run the optimizer for continuous tuning and improved performance through reduced file storage.

  • Discover tables for optimization: run our open source Iceberg Table Analyzer to find tables that could benefit from optimization and the percentage of gain to be achieved across your lakehouse.

Current Release: 2024.06.30-08.33

Check out the June 2024 Release Notes to discover the latest features.

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Follow the tailored Learning Path for your data ingestion journey. Designed to get you up and running quickly, each path steps through the options for your data source and target combination.

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