Upsolver provides integration with popular reporting platforms to enable you to monitor your pipelines from a central dashboard. Using SQL syntax, you can create jobs to export monitoring data.

Supported targets


CREATE JOB <job_identifier> 
      [ START_FROM = { NOW | BEGINNING | <timestamp> } ]
AS INSERT INTO [ CLOUDWATCH | DATADOG ] <connection_identifier>
      [ NAMESPACE = '<namespace>' ]
      [ tags ]
      <timestamp> AS time

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Maps columns from the SELECT statement to the table by the names of the columns in the query. For more information see MAP_COLUMS_BY_NAME.


Type: text

(Optional) The target namespace for your Upsolver metrics in Amazon CloudWatch. If the namespace does not already exist, Upsolver creates it for you.

Note: if you are using the NAMESPACE option, ensure this is defined immediately after the connection identifier.


Values: { NOW | BEGINNING | <timestamp> }

Default: NOW

(Optional) Configures the time to start sending data to the target.

Query structure

Your job should include the following:

  • At least one metric

  • The time when the metric data was captured

  • Optionally, you can include tags, which are metadata strings, e.g. the name of the cluster or job

Learn more

Follow the guide on How to Export Metrics to a Third-Party System for a walk through on creating your monitoring job.

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