Iceberg Tables

When you create an Apache Iceberg table using Upsolver, we automatically manage and optimize your table for you, removing the need for manual intervention. The syntax for creating, altering, and deleting your Iceberg tables is very similar to creating an Upsolver data lake table, with some minor differences in syntax and options.

This section provides the SQL syntax for creating, altering, and deleting Iceberg tables.

Limitations of Iceberg Tables in Upsolver

Data Type Limitations

  1. Writing to Iceberg tables supports the following data types:

    1. Boolean

    2. String

    3. Long

    4. Double

    5. Date

    6. Timestamp - only millisecond precision is currently supported

    7. List

    8. Struct

Table Limitations

  1. Only tables using Parquet files are supported

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