Microsoft SQL Server

To ingest data from Microsoft SQL Server using Upsolver, you must first create a connection that provides the appropriate credentials to access your database.


CREATE MSSQL CONNECTION <connection_identifier> 
    CONNECTION_STRING = '<connection_string>' 
    USER_NAME = 'your username'
    PASSWORD = 'your password' 
    [ COMMENT = '<comment>' ]

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Connection options


Type: text

The connection string to use when connecting to the database. This string can be copied directly from your SQL Server. The connection string should include the database name at the end of the string.

USER_NAME — editable

Type: text

The user to authenticate to the database with.

PASSWORD — editable

Type: text

The password for the user.

COMMENT — editable

Type: text

(Optional) A description or comment regarding this connection.


CREATE MSSQL CONNECTION my_sqlserver_connection
    CONNECTION_STRING = 'jdbc:sqlserver://;encrypt=false;
    USER_NAME = 'your username'
    PASSWORD = 'your password'
    COMMENT = 'Connection to SQL Server';

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