This page describes the Settings tab for stream and file sources.

The Settings tab displays the SQL code to create the job, along with job options, and details.


View the full SQL code used to generate the job. This code includes all job and source options provided when you created the job, or the default options used by Upsolver.

The code can be copied into a Worksheet if you want to re-use it.


The job options provided when you created the job or the default options used by Upsolver:

Job OptionValue


The name of the cluster than that executes the job.

Click on the link to view further details about the cluster.


The file type of the content being ingested, e.g. JSON.


The file compression format, e.g. AUTO.


The number of parser jobs to run in parallel per minute.


The number of readers being used in parallel to read the stream.


The time frequency for writing the data to the target.


Either true or false to denote whether an additional copy of the data is stored in its original format.

For more information on using the above job options, please see the reference for your source:


The following details are included:



The optional comment provided when the job was created or updated.

Created At

The date and time when the job was initially created.

Last Modified At

The date and time when the job was last updated.

Created By

The username of the person in your organization who created the job.

Last Modified By

The username of the last person in your organization to update the job.


The globally unique identifier for the job.

This Id can be used when querying and the tables.