Replication Settings

This page describes the Replication Settings tab for database sources.

The Replication Settings tab displays the settings for your job, and enables you to edit the source and target mappings for your objects:

Replication Settings

View the settings applied to your replication job:



The name of the connection where the data will be replicated to.

Replication Mode

Specifies how changes in the source should be handled in the target, e.g. Exact replication, Soft deletion, or Append only.

Target Update Interval

The frequency at which the target is updated.

Upsolver Ingestion Time Column Name

The name of the column Upsolver uses to write the ingestion time.

Source Schema

The Source Schema displays the schemas, tables, and columns in your source database. Expand the list items in the tree to view each object. Click the Edit icon to make changes to the current replication selection in the job. As you select or deselect an object in the list, the SQL code appears in the SQL Statement box.

To manually edit and run the SQL, click Edit in Worksheet or Copy SQL. When you have made your changes, click the Save & Run button. Alternatively, click Cancel to exit without saving changes.

Target Schema

When you create or edit the schema, the mappings of source to target are displayed:

Source SchemaTarget SchemaTarget Table Prefix

The name of the schema within your source database.

The name of the target schema as the destination for your data.

The optional prefix to add to the target table in the destination.