Returns a substring of the input value, using the offsets in bytes of the UTF-8 encoded byte representation. Partial characters and invalid UTF-8 code points are removed from the result.


Use the following syntax to include the BYTES_SUBSTRING function in your query:

BYTES_SUBSTRING(value, startIndex, endIndex)


The BYTES_SUBSTRING function requires the following arguments:

  • value input is the string upon which you want to perform the substring function.

  • startIndex begins at 1 and includes the first character in your string.

  • endIndex counts from the first character in the string, not from the startIndex position.


Returns a string value.


The following example shows how the startIndex and endIndex arguments affect the Output value. Here, the endIndex value demonstrates that regardless of the startIndex value, the endIndex works from position 1 in the string to include 10 characters.

Transformation job example

The script below includes the BYTES_SUBSTRING function in a SELECT statement within a transformation job, using the "Hello World" string example.


CREATE JOB function_operator_example
AS INSERT INTO default_glue_catalog.upsolver_samples.orders_transformed_data 
    SELECT value, startIndex, endIndex,
        BYTES_SUBSTRING(value, 1, 10) AS Output
    FROM default_glue_catalog.upsolver_samples.orders_raw_data
    LET value = 'Hello World',
        startIndex = 1,
        endIndex = 10      
    WHERE $commit_time BETWEEN run_start_time() AND run_end_time()
    LIMIT 1;

Query result

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