UP20051 PostgreSQL Replication is Disabled

Possible Causes

Upsolver cannot create an ingestion job from the given PostgreSQL database because the WAL is disabled or configured using a non-supported mode.

Upsolver uses the WAL (Write Ahead Log) to read Change Data Capture changes from the database. This enables Upsolver to replicate the stream of changes that were applied to the database so they can be re-applied on a replica.

Possible Solutions

To solve this issue, change the WAL_LEVEL setting to either logical (preferred) or replicate.

Setting the WAL_LEVEL

Run the following command from a user with administrator permissions:


If your database doesn't have a user with administrator permissions, you'll need to locate postgresql.conf. In most self-hosted PostgreSQL databases, the configuration file will be placed in /etc/postgresql/*/main/postgresql.conf.

  1. Open the config file in an editor of your choice.

  2. Check if a configuration value for WAL_LEVEL exists.

    1. If the value exists, update its value to the new value.

    2. If the value doesn't exist, add a new row at the end of the file as WAL_LEVEL = logical.

Restart the database so all changes take effect.

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