UP10010 Missing ON Condition

While SQL allows executing a JOIN statement without the ON condition, it is mandatory to provide one in Upsolver.

Possible Causes

  • You tried to create a job with a LEFT JOIN but no ON condition was provided as part of the SELECT statement.

Possible Solutions

  • Use the ON clause to specify the join conditions and how the rows should be matched:

CREATE SYNC JOB join_orders_with_last_employee
AS INSERT INTO default_glue_catalog.upsolver_samples.joined_orders_transformed_data     
       mv.employeeid AS employeeid, 
       mv.firstname AS firstname, 
       mv.lastname AS lastname
    FROM default_glue_catalog.upsolver_samples.orders_raw_data AS s
    LEFT JOIN default_glue_catalog.upsolver_samples.physical_store_orders_materialized_view AS mv
    ON mv.orderid = s.orderid
    WHERE mv.source = 'Store'
    AND $event_time between run_start_time() AND run_end_time();

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