Amazon Kinesis

Follow these steps to use Amazon Kinesis as your source.

Step 1 - Connect to Amazon Kinesis

Create a new connection

Click Create a new connection, if it is not already selected. Then select the AWS region where your Kinesis is hosted from the pre-populated list.

For the Authentication Method, select either the Role-based or the AccessKey/SecretKey option:


Upsolver recommends that you use Role-based access.


To create your Access key id and Secret access key, follow the AWS Account and Access Keys guide.

When you have entered your authentication information, click Test Connection.

Use an existing connection

By default, if you have already created a connection, Upsolver selects Use an existing connection, and your Kinesis connection is populated in the list.

For organizations with multiple connections, select the source connection you want to use.

Step 2 - Select a stream to ingest

When the connection is established, a list of streams will appear in the select list, Select a stream to ingest.

Then choose the file type you want to ingest in the Select the source events content type list, or leave it on the default value of Automatic.

Step 3 - Check that events are read successfully

As soon as you select a stream, Upsolver will attempt to load a sample of the events.

If Upsolver did not load any sample events, try the following:

  1. Verify that Kinesis has events.

  2. Select a content type that matches the type of your stream.

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