Using the Wizard

This quickstart shows you how to use the Wizard to create ingestion jobs.

The Upsolver Data Ingestion Wizard is the easy, no-code option for ingesting your data into Snowflake. Use the Wizard to create a job, or use the auto-generated code as a basis for creating more advanced use cases by extending the functionality using familiar SQL syntax.

The Wizard creates a job in four simple steps:

Create a job with the Wizard

Login to your Upsolver account and, from the left-hand menu, click Jobs. On the Jobs page, click the Create New Job button. This opens the Ingestion Wizard. Click on the card for the data source from where you want to copy your data and the card for your data target:

Set up your source

The Wizard guides you through the steps for setting up your data source:

Set up your target

Follow the guide for setting up your target:

Configure the ingestion job

Upsolver supports various data sources, from files, streaming, and CDC data. Follow the applicable guides for configuring your job based on your source:

Review and run the job

The Wizard auto-generates the SQL code for creating your job, and sub-jobs where applicable. You can open this code in a query window, and enhance the job using advanced features.

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