Amazon Redshift

This quickstart describes how to create an Amazon Redshift connection.

Create a connection to Amazon Redshift

Before you can write your transformed data to a table in Amazon Redshift, you should first establish a connection to your Amazon Redshift database.

Your connection is persistent, so you won't need to re-create it for every job. The connection is also shared with other users in your organization.

Here’s the code for creating a connection to Redshift:

// Sample
CREATE REDSHIFT CONNECTION <connection_identifier> 
    CONNECTION_STRING = '<connection_string>' 
    USER_NAME = '<user_name>'
    PASSWORD = '<password>';
// Example
CREATE REDSHIFT CONNECTION my_redshift_connection
    CONNECTION_STRING = 'jdbc:redshift://<host_name>:5439/<database_name>'
    USER_NAME = 'your_username'
    PASSWORD = 'your_password';

In the above code, you create a Redshift connection named my_redshift_connection, using the connection string, username, and password for your Redshift database.

After you complete this step, you should see the my_redshift_connection connection in your navigation tree.

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