UP10020 COMPUTE_CLUSTER is Missing

Possible Causes

  • You tried to create a Job, Materialized View, or Table, but no value was provided for the COMPUTE_CLUSTER option. When an organization has multiple clusters, one cluster must be provided when defining a new Job, Materialized View, or Table.

Possible Solutions

  • Provide a compute cluster value using the COMPUTE_CLUSTER option.

To find the available clusters click Clusters on the left navigation bar:


CREATE SYNC JOB load_orders_raw_data_from_s3
    COMPUTE_CLUSTER = "Production"
AS COPY FROM S3 upsolver_s3_samples 
    LOCATION = 's3://upsolver-samples/orders/' 
INTO default_glue_catalog.upsolver_samples.orders_raw_data;

The COMPUTE_CLUSTER can be altered at any time.

ALTER JOB load_orders_raw_data_from_s3 
    SET COMPUTE_CLUSTER = "Another cluster name";

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