Create Connections

This section describes the source and target connections for ingesting and outputting your data.

Before creating your data pipeline with Upsolver, ensure that you have the necessary connectors in place to support your intended use case.

For data ingestion, you first need a connection to your data source; then, in order to read your data into a staging table, you should have a connection to a metadata store, along with a corresponding cloud storage location.

After your data has been ingested and transformed, you need a connection to your target location for outputting your data.

If you have deployed Upsolver on AWS, you will have an Amazon S3 and AWS Glue Data Catalog connection created by default.

See the guide to Deploy Upsolver on AWS for more information.

Connections determine the credentials that Upsolver uses to read and/or write your data, so you may want to explicitly create your own Amazon S3 or AWS Glue Data Catalog connections to configure specific permissions.

The use of static IAM credentials for cross-account access is deprecated and Upsolver recommends that you use an IAM role instead.

Learn more about a connection type: