Entities Overview

This document gives a short overview of Upsolver entities, to make it easier to understand the components involved.


You create a job that includes configurations such as schema handling and the SQL transformations to perform on the data. Jobs are always active until you delete them. Furthermore, a job is not a time entity.

Execution / Run

An instance of a job at a specific point in time. An execution/run includes the job definition (transformations and so on), execution start time, and execution/run end time.


An execution is divided into multiple logical stages. A stage consists of many different tasks or units of work. A stage is complete when all tasks associated with that stage are complete. It does not have a time associated with it. For example, in an ingestion job, a COPY operation can be a single stage associated with many tasks.


A task represents the actual unit of work executed. An execution can have multiple stages and multiple tasks per stage. A task always belongs to one stage.

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