October 2023

Upsolver new features, enhancements, and bug fixes for October 2023.

Release Notes Blog

For more detailed information on these updates, check out the Upsolver November 2023 Feature Summary blog.

Weekly Software Updates

The following software updates were released in October:


⬆️ Enhancements

  • Added KEEP_REPLICATION_SLOT option to ingestion and replication jobs that read from PostgreSQL. This preserves the replication slot created when the job is dropped.


New Features

  • Running queries can now be stopped via the UI with a new Cancel button next to a running query in the Event Log.

🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where FLATTEN_PATH wasn't case insensitive with columns from a SELECT * statement.


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Jobs: Fixed an issue causing NULL values when casting raw columns to multiple different types in the same query.


New Features

⬆️ Enhancements


New Features

  • Allow the creation of a new cloud integration on a new organization.

  • Ingestion wizard: now supports Confluent Cloud as a source.

  • Ingestion jobs: now supports Amazon S3 via SQS.

⬆️ Enhancements

  • Apache Kafka and Confluent Kafka connections: support setting SASL username and password with dedicated parameters SASL_USERNAME and SASL_PASSWORD.

  • UI design improvements.

🔧 Bug Fixes

  • When editing the number of shards in an Apache Kafka output job, Upsolver waits until the previous shards are completed before running the new shards.

  • Fixed an issue of Query engine request timed out.

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