June 2023

Upsolver new features, enhancements, and bug fixes for June 2023.

Weekly Software Updates

The following software updates were released in June:


New Features

  • User information and organization name are now displayed on the main pages with the ability to switch between organizations

⬆️ Enhancements

  • [BREAKING CHANGE] Changed $row_number system field from 0-based to 1-based

  • Added $row_number system column to transformation jobs

  • Added $item_index system column, representing the source batch's row index. For example, in S3 sources, it will be the row index in a file

  • Amazon S3 outputs now support the inclusion of the shard number in the target path. This allows the use of output shards without overwriting the output files

🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug reading Avro and Parquet files that caused fields of type Date to be ignored


New Features

  • Snowflake table statistics are now available

🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue reading from empty Kafka topics that contain empty partitions

  • Fixed a bug reading Avro files that use a named type more than once


New Features

  • Ingestion wizard - easy ingest to Snowflake, including:

⬆️ Enhancements

🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Snowflake Merge Jobs: enforce the ON clause expression to prevent creating an array


⬆️ Enhancements

  • PostgreSQL jobs:

    • With partitioned tables, expose data.full_partition_table_name field specifying the name of the event's original partition