January 2024

Upsolver new features, enhancements, and bug fixes for January 2024.

Release Notes Blog

For more detailed information on these updates, check out the Upsolver February 2024 Feature Summary blog.

Weekly Software Updates

The following software updates were released in January:


⬆️ Enhancements

  • Replication Jobs:

    • Support AWS Glue Data Catalog as a target. This will create a table and maintain schema evolution in the target for every replicated table

  • Performance improvement in transformations of jobs / materialized views

🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Apache Kafka Jobs:

    • Fixed new Kafka ingestion/data sources stalling when reading from the start in certain situations


🔧 Bug Fixes


    • Aggregated Jobs Update: For aggregated jobs (transformation jobs using GROUP BY) with an unspecified time window in time filters, e.g. WHERE TIME_FILTER() or WHERE $event_time BETWEEN RUN_START_TIME() AND RUN_END_TIME(), the default aggregation window is now set to the job's interval, replacing the previous infinite window default


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Amazon S3 data source: Resolved a rare condition that could lead to duplicated ingestion of the same file in scenarios where an S3 data source is used with a date pattern that does not follow lexicographical order

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