February 2024

Upsolver new features, enhancements, and bug fixes for February 2024.

Release Notes Blog

For more detailed information on these updates, check out the Upsolver March 2024 Feature Summary blog.


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Minor bug fixes


🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Minor bug fixes


⬆️ Enhancements


    • Decimal Parsing Update: Adjusted the handling of Decimal parsing. Previously, when the underlying value was a whole number and the decimal type's scale was positive, the field was incorrectly typed as Long instead of Double

  • Please note that in addition to the updates mentioned in this release note, it encompasses all enhancements and changes from previous versions.


⬆️ Enhancements

  • Iceberg

    • Support Iceberg tables

      • Now you can create Iceberg tables and write into Iceberg tables over AWS Glue or Tabular data catalogs using Upsolver. Explore the documentation on Iceberg tables and jobs writing to iceberg.

    • Iceberg Table Optimizer

      • Introducing our Iceberg Table Optimizer! Use Upsolver to optimize your existing Iceberg tables, manage the compaction process, and view statistics on your managed tables. This feature enables you to reduce the storage costs of your Apache Iceberg tables and improve data scan performance for faster querying. Check out the details here.

    • Iceberg Table Analyzer Tool

      • The Iceberg Table Analysis CLI Tool evaluates your Apache Iceberg tables to identify how Upsolver optimizations can enhance efficiency by reducing costs or query time. Learn more about the Iceberg Analyzer Tool here.

  • New Supported Targets

    • Support ClickHouse as a target - users can now create transformation jobs writing into ClickHouse Merge Tree tables.

    • (supported only via SQL until today)

    • Support the data lake (Iceberg\Hive table formats, AWS Glue\Tabular as data catalogs) as a target for CDC jobs

  • Monitoring

    • New monitoring page for tracking CDC jobs

    • New cluster monitoring page for organizations integrated with their private VPC

    • Enhanced monitoring page for tracking ingestion and transformation jobs

  • Edit Replication Jobs

    • Ability to edit CDC jobs via the GUI - users can now add or remove columns, tables, and

      schemas of an existing CDC job, not only via SQL but also via the GUI


    • Schema Adjustment: Corrected the data type of $commit_time to Timestamp from Long- * This change impacts use cases involving the $commit_time field within the RECORD_TO_JSON function

🔧 Bug Fixes

  • Snowflake

    • Support using {current_value} as a placeholder in CUSTOM_UPDATE_EXPRESSION

  • Auditor performance improvements.