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    Git Integration

    WIth one click, you can integrate Upsolver with your Git repository. All Upsolver configurations, objects and metadata will be synced to your repository in real-time.

    If you're not hosting your repository in GitHub or GitLab, please contact us by clicking on the Intercom widget in the bottom right corner of this page.

    Integrating Upsolver with Git

    1. Click on your user name to open the menu and click on Git Integration

      Git Integration in User Menu

    2. Follow the instructions in the page

      Git Integration Page

    Adding an SSH Key to a GitHub Repository

    To add an SSH Key to a GitHub Repository:

    1. Navigate to your repository in GitHub
    2. Click on "Settings"
    3. Click on "Deploy keys" in the left navigation bar
    4. Click on "Add deploy key"
    5. Fill the form
      • Title: "Upsolver Git Integration"
      • Key: Copy and paste the key
      • Allow Write Access: Check
    6. Submit the form

    Adding an SSH Key to GitLab Repository

    See more information in GitLab Documentation.