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February 2024 Webinar
Hands-On Workshop | February 28th | 10 am PST / 1 pm EST / 6 pm GMT
Operational databases like PostgreSQL excel in handling transactional workloads, offering the speed and reliability essential for day-to-day operations. However, when it comes to analytical processing, the volume and complexity of queries can strain these systems, leading to degraded performance and higher operational costs.
Integrating PostgreSQL with an Iceberg Lakehouse represents a paradigm shift, enabling the mirroring of operational data into a scalable, versioned, highly efficient and cost-effective shared storage. This integration facilitates complex queries, historical data analysis, and advanced data science capabilities on vast amounts of data without vendor lock-in or impacting the transactional database’s performance.
The result is a harmonious balance between operational efficiency and analytical depth, empowering organizations to leverage their data in real-time and at operational scale for comprehensive product insights.
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This virtual event has limited seating. Don't miss your chance to join in this workshop to learn how to ingest your CDC data to Apache Iceberg. Register today for your place.

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Upsolver Chill Data Summit, February 2024

Did you miss our Chill Data Summit in New York City? We hosted some of the best speakers in the data industry for this special one-day event devoted to educating content around Apache Iceberg and data lakehouses.
In-person attendees at the Chill Data Summit NYC 2024 learning about Apache Iceberg and data lakehouses.
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