Ingesting Data

Upsolver supports ingesting data from various data source types, including ingesting files from your Amazon S3 buckets, your Amazon Kinesis Streams, topics on your Kafka Servers, and so on.

The DATA SOURCES page shows all your active data sources in a grid view. You can filter the data sources according to type. For example, you can select to view the Amazon S3 data sources only, select whether to view the ACTIVE or ARCHIVED data sources, and flip between the grid and list views. You can also search for specific data sources.

The data source panel shows you the name of the data source, the file format ingested, when it was created and whether it is RUNNING. The graph shows you the volume of events over time, and you can mouse over the graph to view the details for a specific time period.

You can also view the compute cluster for the data source, how many fields are being ingested, the number of events loaded to date, the number of errors and the rate of ingestion.