Upsolver table concepts

Welcome to Upsolver tables

Upsolver provides a SQL engine to allow users easily query processed data. It has an hierarchical structure that allow users to group and work with data outputted from Upsolver.

A CREATE TABLE statement will define the Catalog, Schema and Table that the user is creating. For example: in the CREATE TABLE () statementupsolver is the Catalog, shopping is the Schema and orders is the Table.

Table Catalog

The Upsolver Catalog is being defined and utilized by the Upsolver ecosystem. For example, if the user creates a Table under Catalog upsolver, they will be able to start outputting data into the table from Upsolver.


Each Catalog can have multiple Schemas. Schemas can also be interpreted as databases in a data warehouse. It provides the ability to logically organize tables together. Schemas can be a business units, applications or anything that can logically group tables together.


Each Schema can have multiple Tables. Each table hosts the data that's being outputted from Upsolver data outputs.