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This command drops the specified job.


SQL syntax to drop a job in Upsolver.
DROP JOB [ IF EXISTS ] <job_name>;


(Optional) To prevent the Upsolver query engine from returning an error if the job does not exist, include IF EXISTS in your DROP statement; instead, you will see the message Operation resulted in no change.

Dropping a replication job that has sub-jobs

When you create a replication job, a sub-job is created to replicate the data, and a sub-job is created for each replication group. This is also applicable if you created a parent script to generate sub-jobs to replicate your data.
You cannot delete individual sub-jobs, instead, you use the DROP JOB command to drop the master job and all sub-jobs.


The following example runs a DROP statement with IF EXISTS to drop the job, ingest_sales_data. By including IF EXISTS, an error is not encountered if the job does not exist. Otherwise, if the job exists, it will be dropped from the organization:
DROP JOB IF EXISTS "ingest_sales_data";