Start using SQLake for free

Get to know Upsolver by trying it out for free. This article describes how to sign up for a trial experience.
Upsolver Cloud delivers the power of SQLake in a hosted, fully-managed cloud-native solution that makes it easy to quickly ingest and transform batch and streaming data. Easily connect your data sources and targets, such as Amazon S3, Amazon Kinesis and MSK, Confluent Kafka, Snowflake, and Amazon Athena.
Develop your data pipelines in the cloud using our interactive SQL editor or choose from a number of pre-built templates that make it simple to get started with common use cases, such as building a data lake and ingesting data streams into your data warehouse. With Upsolver Cloud, compute resources automatically scale up and down and there is no infrastructure to manage.
When you sign up for Upsolver Cloud, you get access to all of the capabilities completely free. You are limited to a single cluster, which will be automatically hibernated after 3 hours of inactivity. Clusters will automatically restart after you log back in, which typically takes 3-4 minutes. If you want the ability to spin up more clusters and control the compute types of these clusters, you will need to deploy SQLake in your AWS account.

Sign up

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    Enter your work email, provide a password, and click Sign Up. Optionally, you can also use Google or Microsoft single sign-on.
After you click Sign Up you receive an email confirmation. Click the link in the welcome email to verify your email address. That completes the signup process.

Sign in

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    Visit to sign into Upsolver Cloud.
When you log in, Upsolver displays pipeline templates to help you get started with popular use cases. Choose a template using sample data to see SQLake in action.