Snowflake setup guide

Follow these steps to use Snowflake as your target.

Step 1 - Connect to Snowflake

Select an existing Snowflake connection, or create a new one.

Create a new Snowflake connection

Connection String
The format of the connection string is as follows:
jdbc:snowflake://<ACCOUNT_WITH_REGION><DB_NAME>&warehouse=<WAREHOUSE_NAME>&role=<ROLE_NAME >
  • The connection URL in Snowflake, for example,
  • DB_NAME: The name of the target database.
  • WAREHOUSE_NAME: (Optional) The name of the target warehouse, otherwise the default is used. If no default warehouse exists, the connection will fail.
  • ROLE_NAME: (Optional) The name of the role to use, otherwise the default role is used. If no default role exists, the connection will fail.
Username and Password
Provide the username and password that will be used to authenticate to the database.

Step 2 - Select where to ingest the data

Select an existing schema for the ingested data.
If you are ingesting into a single table, provide a name for the new table.
If the source is a database (MySQL or PostgreSQL) Upsolver will create new tables in the selected schema.
When ingesting multiple source schemas into Snowflake you have the following options:
  1. 1.
    Ingest all tables into a single Snowflake schema and add the source schema name to every new table created in Snowflake.
  2. 2.
    Map every source schema into a target schema in Snowflake.