Amazon Kinesis setup guide

Follow these steps to use Kinesis as your source.

Step 1 - Connect to Amazon Kinesis

Select an existing Kinesis connection, or create a new one.

Create a new Amazon Kinesis connection

Select the AWS regionwhere your Kinesis is hosted.
Authentication Method
It is recommended to use Role-based access.
  • To define the correct permissions for the role, follow the Kinesis access configuration guide to create an IAM policy
  • If your Kinesis runs on a different AWS account than the one running Upsolver, you need to create trust between the role and the account running Upsolver. To create a trusted AWS ROLE and find your External Id, follow the Role-based setup guide.
To create your access key ID and secret access key, follow the AWS Account and Access Keys guide.

Step 2 - Select a stream to ingest

When the connection is established, select a stream for ingestion.

Step 3 - Check that events are read successfully

As soon as you select a stream, Upsolver will attempt to load a sample of the events.
If Upsolver did not load any sample events, try the following:
  1. 1.
    Verify that Kinesis has events.
  2. 2.
    Select a Content type that matches the content type of your stream.