Data ingestion

This section explains how to connect to your source and ingest data.
Using familiar SQL syntax, you can create an ingestion job using the COPY FROM command to read your data and write it into a staging table, or directly into a supported target. Upsolver ingestion jobs can automatically infer the schema, and populate the column names and types in the table.
Before ingesting your data, ensure that you have a connection to read from your data source. You will also need a metastore connection and corresponding cloud storage location for your staging table or a connection to your target system.
See Connectors for more information on configuring your source and target connections.
After setting up your connectors, you can optionally define a staging table to copy your data into using the CREATE TABLE command. This step is not required if you are ingesting directly into your target.
The COPY FROM command includes job options that enable you to perform transformations and apply data quality rules to your data.

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