Confluent Cloud

This quickstart shows you how to create a Confluent Cloud connection.

Create a connection to Confluent Kafka

To ingest data from your Confluent topic into a table within Upsolver, you must first create a connection that provides the appropriate credentials to access your topic.

Your connection is persistent, so you won't need to re-create it for every job. The connection is also shared with other users in your organization.

Here’s the code for creating a connection to Confluent Kafka:

// Syntax
      HOSTS = ('<bootstrap_server_1>:<port_number>','<bootstrap_server_2>:<port_number>') 
      CONSUMER_PROPERTIES = '<bootstrap_server_1>:<port_number> 
                      required username="<kafka_username>"   password="<kafka_password>";

// Example
CREATE KAFKA CONFLUENT my_confluent_connection
    HOSTS = ('foo:9092', 'bar:9092')
    CONSUMER_PROPERTIES = 'security.protocol = SASL_SSL
                           sasl.jaas.config =   required username = "API_KEY"   password = "SECRET";
                           ssl.endpoint.identification.algorithm = https
                           sasl.mechanism = PLAIN';

After you complete this step, you should see the my_confluent_connection connection in your navigation tree.

Learn more

Please see the SQL command reference for Confluent Cloud for the full list of connection options, and examples.

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